I am a nature photographer based in Longbranch and Alki, Washington.

My devotion to animals and the arts started when I was very young, drawing cats and dogs since I could hold a pencil, and taking on the professional camera and lens at the age of 7. The entirety of my childhood has revolved around wildlife and creativity.   
I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, always traveling and exploring and I loved seeing animals in their natural habitat taking quick snapshots along the way. Since it has always been accessible for me to go on a hike in the most geographically diverse states, or to kayak in the San Juan archipelago, it's a way of life I can't imagine living without.  In 2018 I began traveling and started to recognize how precious our earth really is. From exploring Banff & Jasper National Park to kayaking with Bottlenose Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, I was constantly embarking on new adventures, and photographing new animal species.
In November of 2018, I had a particularly special encounter with an adult Long-eared Owl. I was mesmerized by the bird's captivating yellow eyes and thick eyelashes. After photographing the owl on that chilly fall evening, I was inspired to seek out more owls to photograph.
By December of 2020 I had encountered all 19 American owl species in one calendar year! These extraordinary and intimate experiences really changed me as a person and how I view this world as a whole. I am humbled to be so insignificant on our magnificent planet, filled with beautiful lives, big and small. 
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