Having grown up in a photographer's home with Dad disappearing into the dark room for what seemed like days, and watching the images come to life magically, it's no wonder I got the bug early and have spent many a summer 'fishing' with a camera on loan from dad.   
More than just taking pretty pictures, I am frequently in awe of the sheer beauty that surrounds us no matter where my travels have taken me.  My goal is to capture some of those moments or scenes that take one's breath away.  Sharing them is what I enjoy most.
Being a rock and roll drummer (and disc jockey) back in the late 60's/70's I naturally acquired a love of music, which is represented in some of my work and that of my friends'. 
After a successful career in radio (DJ, sales and management), I started a company [Woodstock Media Group/On-Hold Concepts, Inc] that continues to grow, going on 40 years to lead the industry providing telephone-on-hold and in-store messaging and music to companies of all size.  
Traveling to capture new images of all kinds and being able to let my imagination run wild, pushing the photography to new levels during the post design process feeds my insatiable desire to create something new and beautiful.  This passion has never gotten old. 
In the spring of 2021, I opened the Woodstock Gift Gallery in Gig Harbor, Washington where I live with my wife and our son. The gallery, located close to our home is small but accommodates my work and that of some of my artistic friends.
I hope you'll visit us soon!
Just search for Woodstock Gift Gallery!

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