Jenifer Holmes is a color-loving glass artist who thrives on bringing the beauty of nature in all its reflective shades to her artfully crafted blown-glass pieces. She sees her work as organic and akin to a dance that is carefully choreographed in concert with other artists and handlers. Commenting on her work Jenifer has said, “for me, the perfect combination of what I like most about life is found in working with molten glass and the shared creative experience of collaborating with others.” Jenifer has described her “Leopard Man Lamp” as an “individual” character, unique unto himself, with a singular view and comment about the world.” She prefers to use pure color, unadulterated by any surface treatment, which lends a richness and depth to each piece. Jenifer graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts--ceramics and glass major under David Keyes. She was also a member of the Pilchuck Glass School and her work has been exhibited in many fine art galleries across the United States. 
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